A good start

06 first3month
In mid-May 2019, our roads parted for a while.
I flew back home  to Germany and Chansamone moved back home at the same day after she studied and worked 6 years in Luang Namtha.
Therefore we even needed an van. A lot of belongings, refrigerator, cupboards, chairs we sampled in that time ...
In the hometown of my dedicated Laotian colleague we could rent a small house for 2 years.
We gained  a lot of knowledge about best practice in our jointly developed project at the ttc.
The concept is to work closer with primarystudents and their teachers.
On focus: sustainable and most clever Teaching Aids, methology and SAMAKEE ( lao language for: working good and cheerful together) 



  • Gain experience through first-hand work with Laotian primary school children
  • Methodically support and accompany primary school teachers at the rural school
  • Build a workshop for producing learning materials

The little house offers room for

  • A library
  • A classroom with study materials
  • Games and free work
  • An outdoor area with bamboo huts, school garden and small playground
  • A small workshop with tools for crafting
  • Sleeping Space and kitchen for Mone her niece and Oeng the carpenter.