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These are material we brouht to Laos. Hoping you like it and you find a way to manufacture it or adapt it for your needs.
The most videos are in english but we try to find a way to translate it in lao language, when we are in Laos. 


Great Instructions

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Dear everybody, today I found a very nice website that explains many materials we have already at our material room

And the best thing it provides a many how to do by your own pages.

It is free to copy and we can use the pictures for our planned instruction sheets in lao language.

The Math part you can find here:


I am shure this wiki website will help us next time a lot.

For example you can have a look at the thousand chain and you see how nice and easy an instruction can be made on this.




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This ist still German, we are trying to get someone to translate it into english or lao language.