Thanks to WG-HOME

January 2013 The WG-home fundraising party of the young generation was very special. That is why it has to get a place on the website. Put on Headphones and dance like crazy. WHAT???? A Silent Party ????? 2 DJ's had to fight against each other, to bring the most dancers and listeners on their side. A colored light on the headset showed who dances to DJ Nr.1 or DJ Nr.2 A lot of fun as you can see in the picture gallery. They fundraised € 1,120 on this evening for Laos. RESPECT TO THE NEW GENERATION {gallery} stories / wg-home {/ gallery} ຂອບ ໃຈ - Khob Chai - Thank you to all volunteers and helping hands. With this money we could provide teachers and students until the end of 2013, more material than expected.     .
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