2009 The Start

Laos is one of the poorest counties in the world.

We started to ask for donations in order to find a way to help a little bit on our way through the country. It all started as a nice idea and ultimately took us to places and people we would have never seen on a normal holiday trip. 

From that point on, our intention was a totally different one. We had to try to find a way to sustainably use the donated money to improve Loas' children's education.


Step 1

We visited the Teacher Training School TTS in Luang Namtha. 1400 Student study there to become good teachers.

These teachers then leave the college to go back home to their villages to teach there.

It didn't take long until we realized that this was the perfect place to offer our help and leave some helpful material.

  • We left a Laptop and a digital camera which we had gotten from friends at home.
  • We provided DUPLO stones for the Kindergarden.
  • We brought first teaching materials and explained it.


 Step 2

Ken our bike guide took us to the school at km 39 and we where able to give the first books and pencils to some pupils.

 Step 3




Because of the great amount of donations by our friends we were able to get a book published by "Big Brother Mouse", a very effective Loa Project that focuses on making books available for students to read.

4000 pieces were printed in Vientianne.


We left more learning material (Maria Montessori) with Big Brother Mouse in Luang Prabang . We hoped it would be a step to build material in Laos.

Most of the primary schools today only have a blackboard, wiggling chairs and desks and a school is lucky if it is not raining through the roof. We often asked ourselfs, how can they do the things we are used to do in school. How is this working. Finally we found out it is not working. Many of the students are not able to read and write probably after primary school.

Step 4

2 bookparties were supported and little libraries were brought to the villages by "Big Brother Mouse"

Step 5

A small primary school in Bum Lao got their first books and we tried to implement a library.


After we went home

Irene Heine from "Verein Freunde Laos e.V." helped us with implementing our money

  • to bring books and pencils to several primary schools
  • 3 libraries were set up and Irene took them to schools
  • and a roof could be build in Ban Chan Dai. 500 Euro did it. No more rain in the classroom.

Many Thanks to Irene!

I hope you see how accurately we worked, trying to take care of our friends and our money.
Going back in 2010 we still had some money left. What do you think? How much money was needed to do all these activities for a better education on our way?