"Helfen-auf-Reisen" means: Helping by travelling

A small adventure in 2009 became a challenge to enable teachers to get information, tool and education on effective and funfilled teaching methods.

Have fun to explore what it is about. It is a very fresh start of the english site only 5% of the content is translated.
But it will show the very new and the very first :-) and I keep on working on it day by day.

AND SORRY FOR MY POOR ENGLISH. Every help is welcome.
Want to be an interpreter or translater for the german content. Please email me! doris(at)helfen-auf-reisen.de


Laos is one of the poorest counties in the world. We started to ask for donations in order to find a way to help a little bit on our way through the country. It all started as a nice idea and ultimately took us to places and people we would have never seen on a normal holiday trip. From that point on, our intention was a totally different one. We had to try to find a way to sustainably use…
Here is an image gallery about the materialroom at TTC. See the history and what it is all about in the Gallery.      
WORKSHOP 2013 MY CHALLENGE NR.1! Over one Month I worked in every free minute, night and day. I collected Informations, talked to experts and teachers. I read books, ordered mathematics material in Thailand, asked for donation and wrote to publishers and shops. I prepared a workshop about the basics in teaching mathematics. I am very happy that the result of my hard work was brilliant. This workshop was fantastic, the teachers where touched and exited about the material and the…