After two years of project work supported by Kindermissionswerk (Die Sternsinger), we can present our results.

If we compare the "done" and "have to be done" values, the results are awesome.
We had several indicators (project goals) that indicated the success.

Come in!

Since April we have our new office ready

From 37 qm to 87

With simple ideas we created a professionell Workspace
Many THANKS to Thomas our Carpenter.

Our "Info Center for studentcentered Training and Teaching Aids " at the Teacher Training College in Luang Namtha.


Picture Gallery with subtitles


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It's time.

The content of our material boxes is 80% fixed. Our team is now ready to hold workshops at village schools.
We have selected elementary schools whose teachers had an increased interest in teaching with learning materials. We tought them on a special course at the Teacher Training College in the Summercourse.

In total we were able to hand over 9 boxes. We developed from school to school and with an optimal mix of teacher and student training we could hold a workshop in Houn (Oudomsay) which can now serve as a model.


Have fun with the Picture Story (please click on the first picture)

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Laura Müller has greatly enriched and helped our project and teamwork in Feb and March, a very special thanks for that.
It was also fantastic for me to have Norbert and Tim at my side on this extraordinary journey.

Looking for a volunteer for our Project. In the moment I am in Laos and everyday we are getting closer to our aim to support the education in Northern Laos.
For our work there are many abilities needed. I need your talent as a helping hand and as Junior Advisor in the time I am absent.



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Aiming towards an improvement of education for children in Laos we teach and further educate primary teachers, students of education for primary schools and their lecturers.

The project hereby focuses on methods of student-oriented hands-on learning.

We are looking for somebody with commitment, a certain tolerance for frustration, someone who would like to get to know lao language and culture, who is creative and loves to work for young people and kids.

The costs of living will be covered by the project.

The earliest time to start is now, the latest we want our volunteer to start working with us is October. The timeframe for your experience should be between 1 and 2 years depending on your availabilty.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

January 2013

The WG-home fundraising party of the young generation was very special.

That is why it has to get a place on the website.

Put on Headphones and dance like crazy. WHAT???? A Silent Party ?????

2 DJ's had to fight against each other, to bring the most dancers and listeners on their side.

A colored light on the headset showed who dances to DJ Nr.1 or DJ Nr.2

A lot of fun as you can see in the picture gallery.

They fundraised € 1,120 on this evening for Laos.


{gallery} stories / wg-home {/ gallery}

ຂອບ ໃຈ - Khob Chai - Thank you to all volunteers and helping hands.

With this money we could provide teachers and students until the end of 2013, more material than expected.




2014 I could hand over the Software Worksheet Crafter to the project

Many Thanks to Fabian Roeken the developer of the Software.
I have never seen such an easy to use and senseful Tool for primary teachers.

Thats why I got in touch with Fabian and I am very lucky that he donated licences to the TTC.

We can use the Software totally offline.

The teachers started to work with Worksheet Crafter and it will be our main tool to get the Instructions ready in Lao Language. Instuctions focused on easy to use and great value to the given curriculum

If you are a teacher have a look at worksheet crafter.


The Imagegallery shows what Mr. Deng did on his first steps with this tool.

Next time we will create a workshop to use this tool with all its features

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Many Thanks to Phillip Schroeder the owner of Wilesco.

The Workshop to hand over the steam engine was fantastic.

The Engine will be a highlight in the material of the Physics Teacher.

I hope to have the same Workshop again next time with the Students for Physics.


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Over one Month I worked in every free minute, night and day. I collected Informations, talked to experts and teachers. I read books, ordered mathematics material in Thailand, asked for donation and wrote to publishers and shops. I prepared a workshop about the basics in teaching mathematics.

I am very happy that the result of my hard work was brilliant.
This workshop was fantastic, the teachers where touched and exited about the material and the methods to work with it.
Now "helfen-auf-reisen" has his own room for all the goods and also for o manifacture teaching aids with things we can find in Laos.
In the libary and exibition you can find many very well sorted ideas for an exiting teaching for teachers and pupils.

To remember this great week here a small gallery with subtitles.

Here is an image gallery about the materialroom at TTC.

See the history and what it is all about in the Gallery.





Great Instructions

Written by

Dear everybody, today I found a very nice website that explains many materials we have already at our material room

And the best thing it provides a many how to do by your own pages.

It is free to copy and we can use the pictures for our planned instruction sheets in lao language.

The Math part you can find here:

I am shure this wiki website will help us next time a lot.

For example you can have a look at the thousand chain and you see how nice and easy an instruction can be made on this.

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